Friday, 28 December 2007

Best pets photos, animals pics

There is no doubt from my side that Hippocampus is some sort of beautiful side effect of sea animal’s origin.

how could it be that consequences of excessive emancipation have penetrated into the blue depth?

The Kangaroo Hop, Australia
The first photo is about two kangaroos, may be a mother and a daughter, they are going somewhere together, the colours are striking.

Taking Joey Home, Australia
He is hopping as quickly as possible.

Red Kangaroo, Australia
And this kangaroo, is the funniest kangaroo I have ever seen! It is even difficult to believe that he is real.

Kangaroo Conversation, Australia
And the last cute picture - two small kangaroos in a special zoo!

Giraffes in love
Very often we are self-centered people, we can think only about ourselves, about our lives, emotions and feelings.

Bears couple talking

Birds quarreling

Surprised animal

Thinking animal

Another thinking animal

Sad and upset bear

Jealous animal

Dancer bird

Tiger in anger

Sleeping animal

Sleeping lion